Gemm Piano Supply takes on Shanghai Disney’s 10K Inspiration Run!

Gemm Piano Supply takes on Shanghai Disney’s 10K Inspiration Run!

Gemm Piano Supply takes on Shanghai Disney’s 10K Inspiration Run 2018!

As Gemm Piano Supply’s resident fitness enthusiast, took on the first ever Inspiration Run at the Shanghai Disney Resort.

The anticipated event sold out within minutes!

As the date of the run drew nearer, We trained and ran several times a week to get into the fit and form for a 10K. Three days before the run we arrived in Shanghai and got to pick up the race kit which included a Shanghai Disney Inspiration Run t-shirt, a Sketchers visor, a Chevrolet fitness towel and other small goods.

In order to arrive at the event bright and early on the morning of the 16th. of September 2018, We booked my stay at the Toy Story Hotel. Walking into the hotel was like being brought into the world of the Toy Story film. Bright colors everywhere, concept art adorning the walls and delightful details like a rubix cube nightstand made my stay magical. All the staff members were super friendly and would take the time to say hello to us with a warm smile.

The morning of the race, we shuttled over to the race area where we got to meet fellow Disney fans and make new friends.

A few minutes before 8:10 we were counted down by none other than Minnie Mouse!


We took off, weaving through fellow racers as we coursed through Disney Town. Belle waved to us from a restaurant balcony, bonjour! The sun was beating down but we kept going, making it into Toy Story Land where Jesse, Lotso, Buzz and Woody cheered us on.

Racing through the park was excited because of all the characters that were present to keep us pumped and inspired to continue running.

Halfway through the run, the course went out of the theme park and into the calm and peaceful Wishing Star Park which surrounds a lake.

This was the most challenging part of the race as there are many inclines and curves to navigate.

Finally, when we were at home stretch to the finish line, we saw Mickey and Minnie and waved to them before raising my hand in the air as we made it to the end.

Red-faced and ecstatic to have run the 10K on such a hot and sunny day, we went to the achievement ceremony where the marketing chief and other executives presented awards to the fastest runners.


We were treated to a little dance show from Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck!

What a magical experience!

We were very happy to be able to represent Gemm Piano Supply for the Shanghai Disney’s first Inspiration Run and we’ll be back again next year!


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September 20, 2018