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Gemm Media - Miami, Florida

Welcome to Gemm Piano Supply, located in Miami, Florida.

Gemm Corporation is a business with many companies and has a long tradition in the Media, Advertising, E-commerce, Studio Productions & Entertainment industry. It was founded in 1990 in Pasadena, California, United States by our CEO Galo Enrique Moscoso Medina (GEMM). 

After a successful career in media working with radio and TV studios, our CEO ventured into a new project naming it Gemm Electronics. His knowledge and degree in Broadcast Engineer, along with this project, gave him insight on what it takes to run a successful business. This lead to the creation of one of Gemm Corporation’s greatest companies, Gemm Piano Supply.

Mr. Moscoso’s family music history starts in the early 1900s. His great grandmother Mama Blanquita was an accomplished pianist who influenced him to pursue his musical talents. The family is even related to the Composer, Pianist, Orchestra director Antonio Neumane (June 13, 1818 – March 3, 1871) His most notable work is the music of the Ecuadorian National Anthem.

Our CEO as a young boy, he began to play the piano and studied music at a conservatory, graduating as Master in concert organist, pianist and musicologist, also learning about the care and maintenance of pianos. Eventually he formed his own band naming it Gemm Band, was well known and played at many events and concerts. Outside of his band, he provided piano lessons and offered tuning and maintenance services for pianos. 

After more than 30 + successful years, Gemm Media, Gemm Piano Supply, Gemm Electronic, Gemm Sales & Gemm Production is now managed by Gemm Corporation formerly known as Gemm Enterprises Inc.

Gemm Piano Supply believes that every Piano, and any musical instrument deserves the best care and maintained with the finest high quality products.

  Gemm Piano Supply Company is owned by Gemm Enterprises INC 


Gemm's Inc Corporate Headquarters Miami, Florida.

Gemm Piano Supply Company offer the finest Piano Parts, Tools and Accessories to Professionals, Students and all piano enthusiasts. 

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