About Gemm Piano Supply

Welcome to Gemm Piano Supply, located in Portland, OR.

Our story starts in the early 1900s with our president's family history. His great grandmother was an accomplished pianist who influenced him to pursue his musical talents. The family is even related to the composer of the national anthem of Ecuador. As a young boy, our president began to play the piano and studied music at a conversatory, and also learning about the care and maintenance of pianos. Eventually he formed his own band, and was well known and played at many events and concerts. Outside of his band, he offered piano lessons and offered tuning and maintenance services for pianos.

After more than 20 years in the piano business, our president ventured into the online retail business, focusing on providing high quality piano products to all professional and enthusiatic musicians. 

Gemm Piano Supply believes that every Piano, and any musical instrument deserves the best care and maintained with the finest high quality products.

  Gemm Piano Supply is owned by Gemm Enterprises INC