Piano Wood Tuning Pin Bushings 7/16" diameter, 1/4" center hole. 5/16" high

$ 6.99


Professional Hardwood Tuning Pin Bushings for modern Pianos.

When removing old bushings, avoid using a metal punch to tap out or install tuning pin bushings, using it will chip the lacquer finish of the plate.


Installing Tuning Pin Bushings


    Note: Many pianos manufactured since the mid-60's have used Tuning Pin Bushings with a smaller diameter.

    Select the correct size of the tuning pin bushing by measuring your old bushing before ordening, we have various sizes available in our store.

    Overall length approx.  7/16" diameter, 1/4" center hole. 5/16" high.

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    The #1 choice for Piano Technicians. 

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