Piano Tuning Wool Felt Temperament Strip .165" Standard

$ 10.97


Piano Tuning Wool Felt Temperament Strip

Designed especially to mute up to two octaves at once

You can mute off the outside strings leaving the center one ready to be tuned

Using a screwdriver or flattened hammer shank to push it between the groups of strings

This is the most efficient way of setting a temperament

Tapered style- one end is wider than the other

Good quality Tuning Wool Felt Temperament Strip with high density felt

Overall length approx. 50"  long x 3/4" wide tapering to 1/2" wide

Standard .165" thick.

Material: 100% wool felt

Qty: 1 Strip

Instructions for Piano Tuning Mutes

The #1 choice for Piano Technicians.

Made in United States



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