Piano Heavy Bass Strings - 6 String Series (Set of 6)

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Professional Piano Heavy Bass Strings Replacement.

The Universal Bass String packet enables you to make "On-the-Spot" replacement of all single-wound Bass Strings except the largest grands. It's a MUST in Tuners' Kits because it permits immediate replacement of broken or dead strings while on the JOB and saves the costly call back. IT"S CONVENIENT...you simply unwind covering wire, clip it and the extended core wire to correct length and install.

To keep your set complete, simply return the tag from the string you use and we will send you the exact duplicate.

To determine what size you'll need, you can measure the diameter of the wire with a micrometer or caliper. Precise measurements are very important. Due to the sensitivity of handling copper winding, all bass strings are non-returnable. 




  1. Length from Hitch-Pin to start of winding (in inches)
  2. Length of Winding (in inches)
  3. Diameter of Core Wire (in inches)
  4. Diameter of Copper Winding portion of the string (in inches)


Instructions for Installing Universal Piano Bass Strings

3-1/2" hitch to wrap on all strings and includes numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


Replacement Hitch to Wrap Length

 Length  of Wrap       

Approx. Outer Diameter of Wire
B48 #01 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .155"
B48 #02 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .155"
B48 #03 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .165"
B48 #04 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .175"
B48 #05 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .186"
B48 #06 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .194"



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