Piano Garfield Pin Block Restorer, 4 oz

$ 39.00


Professional Piano Garfield Pin Block Restorer.

The success of GARFIELD PIN BLOCK RESTORER has brought about many imitations.

There is only one original and genuine GARFIELD Restorer - made by a formula developed by Wm. M Garfield after 40 years experience as a tuner and technician.

For your own protection, insist upon it.

GARFIELD'S PIN BLOCK RESTORER has these important features:

  • It comes in liquid form...easy to apply with a syringe or eye dropper.
  • It penetrates into the cells of the wood to restore its holding power.
  • It contains no oil...will not evaporate.
  • Its effectiveness improves with age...in one week the pins are tight enough to permit tuning.
  • It prevents rust...will not affect glue.

Available in 4 oz. bottle.

Color may vary.

Qty: 1

Must be diluted with an equal amount of Denatured Alcohol.

The #1 choice for Piano Technicians.

Made in United States


Piano Garfield Pin Block Restorer Instruction



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