From Hanon to Jazz by Bert Konowitz - Piano Music

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For piano students who have never played jazz, this fascinating book offers invaluable technical and musical ideas for the development of jazz style.

Learn to play chords and create melodies by reading chord symbols.

Learn how to play basic Jazz repertoire (standards) from a Fake book

It includes original jazz pieces as well as traditional jazz standards.

Downloadable Recording featuring Bert Konowitz performing the music contained in the book is included.

Song List:

  • Basic Jazz Accents Etude No. 1
  • Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home?
  • Combining Basic Jazz and Swing Accents Etude No. 3
  • Combining Basic Jazz and Swing Accents Etude No. 3a
  • Easy Ride
  • Etude No. 3
  • Good Job!
  • Hangin’ Out
  • Jazz Phrasing Etude No. 4
  • Lead Sheet Etude No. 1
  • Lead Sheet Etude No. 2
  • Lead Sheet Etude No. 4
  • Listen Up
  • Movin’, That’s What I Said, Movin’
  • Realization of Movin’, That’s What I Said, Movin’
  • Shadows of the Past
  • Swing Accents Etude No. 2
  • The Shining Light Blues
  • The St. Louis Blues 
  • Walk Around the Block Blues
  • When the Saints Go Marching In


Series: Piano Solo Sheets
Level: Intermediate
Voicing: Solo 
Bert Konowitz
Numbers of Pages: 
48 pages 
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