Piano Extension Tuning Lever Rosewood

$ 235.99


Professional Piano Extension Tuning Lever Rosewood.

This tuning lever piano tool is ideal for professionals tuning hammer.

There are no finer tuning levers produced at any price.

These stainless steel hexagonal style extension levers come with an 8" ROSEWOOD handle.  

Weighing 18 ounces, this lever is perfectly balanced.  

Comes with Tuning Lever Head, 1-1/4" Long, 5 Degree Angle and Tuning Lever Tip #2 .    

The Rosewood lever comes with an additional Piano Tuning Lever Tip Removing Wrench, and a mackintosh carrying case.  

Also available the Extension Tuning Lever Replacement Rod

Overall length is 11-1/2" with a possible 6-1/2" extension.  

Qty: 1 Tuning Lever tool



Also available in our store Gemm Piano Supply

Piano Tuning lever Tip

  • Star Head Tip #1
  • Star Head Tip #2
  • Star Head Tip #3
  • Star Head Tip #4

 Overall length approx. 1" long


 Piano Tuning Lever Head:

  • 5 degree tuning lever head
  • 10 degree tuning lever head
  • long 15 degree tuning lever head

 Overall length approx. 1-1/4" long


Piano One piece head and #2 Star tip:

  • 5 degree Pitch Angle head and #2 Tip (one piece)
  • 10 degree Pitch Angle head and #2 Tip (one piece) 
  • 15 degree Pitch Angle head and #2 Tip (one piece)

Overall length approx. 2-1/2" long


Will fit all of the Gemm Piano tuning hammers and Gemm Piano Tuning Lever Tips, available in our store Gemm Piano Supply.


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