Adjustable Upright Piano Truck

$ 654.00


Heavy tubular construction and adjustable in width and length. Width adjustable from 12" to 18" inside rubber bumpers.

Be careful when ordering for large Yamaha or Kawai pianos as in some instances their widths are greater than 18".


Length adjustable from 34" to 56" overall. Overall width 33-3/8".

Pay particular attention to this dimension if truck is to be moved about between rooms. If door sizes are a problem, order a custom-made Upright Piano Narrow Doorway Truck.  Equipped with three 5" diameter, locking swivel casters with black polyurethane "Hi-Tech" wheels.

Powder coat black finish.

Shipping weight approx. 100 lbs. via UPS (ONLY)


The specialty products listed below are designed for piano technicians, piano movers and institutions that need to service or move pianos and organs.