Piano Tuning Mutes


Piano Tuning Mutes

There are several different Piano tuning mutes. The purpose of all tuning mutes is to be able to mute one or two strings of a note in order to be able to listen to either one. Tuning mutes is an essential tool in piano tuning.


Piano Rubber Mutes

The most common mutes are the rubber mutes, it comes in different sizes and widths.


Piano Rubber Mute with Wire handle

You can use the rubber mute on its own or you can use with the wire handle. To insert the wire handle into the mute, there is not one specific spot, you can center it into the end of the mute, then firmly push trying to keep it straight and centered, push as you turn clockwise until its secure and firm. Also available in our Webstore Piano Tuning Wool Felt Temperament Strip,


Piano Temperament Strip

They do come tapered. One end is wider than the other end. How you use it, it between will go between all the outside strings using a shank. You want to make sure that in the base section when you are pushing it down where you got the wedge dampers, you want to hold your damper pedal down while pushing the temperament strip so that it won’t squeeze the dampers. By using the temperament strip you are muting off a whole section of notes at once so that you can tune one string per note for a whole section. You will take out the mute when you are finished with each string.

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Piano Felt Mutes

Are good to have when tuning the bass section, you put them between the strings and they hold and dampen very well. They come in different sizes and widths.



Piano Wooden Mute

Is good to have for the treble section, this wooden mute is double ended, its buckskin covered and it will go between the outside strings. This wooden mute has a wedge in the middle so that will allow you to tune per mute two strings of one note.


Piano Wooden Mute With Wire Handle

Designed exclusively to mute three strings at once.

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Piano Tuning Gang Mute

Is a one piece rubber mute and it has 13 wedges. It will go between several outside strings and it will mute off a whole section of notes at once. It’s very helpful when you are working on the treble section.


Piano PAPP'S Treble Mute

Paps Treble mute is a tweezer like mute, it has a spring in one end. You put in between the outside strings or between any of the strings.


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