Piano Key Bushing Cloth

Piano Key Bushing Cloth


Designed to Replace Key Bushing Cloth.



Removing the old bushing felts, and replacing them with new felt firms up the keys as they travel up and down, and gives the piano much more of a new feel.


Insert felt wedges that have been soaked in water into the front rail mortises for the keys that have been placed in the keystick holder.


When the key bushing cloth remover is pulled from the mortise, some bushings will adhere to the heated tip and should be brushed off. Others will remain inside the mortise but will be loosened to the point where they will pull out with a pair of needle nose pliers, If the bushing still seems to adhere, don’t force the issue, or you will most likely remove wood as well. Instead, remoisten the old bushing with a saturated felt wedge, and try the procedure over again. 


When the sanding (150 grit sandpaper) is complete, re-examine the bushing to make sure it is still is intact. Sand off all discoloration to create the appearance of a new key. 

Article courtesy Gemm Piano Supply

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