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Jack Springs do tend to wear out or become weak after years of use.

If you take out a wipen you will see a piece that looks like an “L” which is called the Jack and right underneath it you will see the spring, which is what causes the Jack to return to its position after the action.

It’s a fairly easy task to Replace/repair the jack Spring.

You will start by pulling the old spring using your fingers or pliers if it’s hard to get out.


There will always be residues of the old glue, you will clean it out using a tool called Piano Jack Spring Hole Reamer (see above photo), using the tool you want to completely clean out the old glue so that the new spring will adhere correctly.

You will see in the above photo the tool has already been used. You can clean out the hole with an air compressor, blow on it, or use a brush.


Next you want to measure the old spring to match in length with the new spring.

For glue you can use Wood Glue or Hide Glue. All you need to do is put a drop of glue to fill the bottom of the hole, do not use too much or you will have it spilling out.

Then set the new spring into place, make sure it’s all the way into the bottom of the hole. Set it aside upright and let it dry for a few hours or overnight.


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