Piano Ground Hide Glue Crystals


Piano Ground Hide Glue Crystals

Hot Hide Glue is generally a preferred glue to use in many piano repairs and tasks, such as replacing hammers, because you can seperate the glue when you need to replace the hammers again. If it’s something that will need to be fixed or replaced in the future the hide glue is a good glue to use.

Hide Glue will require for you to prepare.

What you will need:

For best results:

1. Soak glue overnight. 

You can use a cup to make the glue, put water in the crock pot to at least the level of where the glue is going to be. You may want to use a porcelain cup or any container that is non-stick. Fill the container / cup with the Hide Glue Crystals to at least 1/3rd. and add water that will just go over the level of the glue. The glue will soak up the water and no additional water will need to be added, once you added the initial amount of water that should be enough. You will now let it set from a couple of hours to overnight. Once it’s set it will require for you to reheat and it will be ready to use. 

Article courtesy Gemm Piano Supply

2. Preparing the glue: 
You will need an Electric Glue Pot or Crock Pot, if you don't have crock pot or cannot find one, use something with a dial that you can adjust the temperature at a time.
In the morning, make sure the crock pot water level is at the glue level (not cup level), cover and turn on to low and heat glue under 100 degree or in low setting for 30 minutes; then, for 15 – 20 mins. 140 degrees to allow the glue to melt, if you use high temperature you will need to be careful and not let the water heat up to quickly because it overheats the glue it will break it down quicker and it won't be as effective. 

When checking the glue with a plastic spoon or wood stick and if you notice that the glue is too thick you can always add more water, but if it’s too watery you will not be able to add more crystals.

If you are using the glue for a couple of hours keep the pot in low and if you notice that the glue is getting to thick you may want to add a little bit of water but keep an eye on the consistency. 

3. When ready to use: 

You can use the glue pot lid to keep it covered and keep it in low setting to avoid the glue to harden. You can use a glue brush to apply

4. To reheat the glue:
Turn on to low setting. Keep in mind Hide Glue should not be reheated to many times (it is not recommended), every time you reheat it will lose some of its strength. For hammers you will need to use fresh glue.

Keep glue cooker well covered to prevent evaporation.

251 gram strength 

Made from fresh, selected animal trimmings.


Article courtesy Gemm Piano Supply

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