Piano Garfield Pin Block Restorer


Piano Garfield Pin Block Restorer


Warning: Poisonous-Flammable. May be fatal or cause blindness if swallowed. Contains Methyl Alcohol
If swallowed, call a physician immediately

Dilute RESTORER with an equal amount 50% of Denatured Alcohol and apply freely with a Piano Hypo Oiler, syringe or eye dropper around each tuning pin.

It penetrates into the cells of the wood to restore its holding power.


On Grands, remove action or cover with paper.

For Upright lying on its back.

Keep Restorer off the wound strings.

Its effectiveness improves with age...in one week the pins are tight enough to permit tuning.

It prevents rust...will not affect glue. 

Keep in mind this is a temporary fix, one time basis only. By applying a second time you will ruin the pin block and replacing it will cost you a lot of money.


Article courtesy Gemm Piano Supply

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