Instructions for Piano Wire String Looping Machine

Piano Looping Machine with base
Quality features are “built in” – Hardened blocks and hook to resist wear from music wire. Easy to use, just clamp the wood block securely in a vise and it is ready to make loops.

Follow these simple instructions:
1. Adjust sliding block to length of loop desired. You can adjust the length of the loop by sliding block to desired position.
2. Insert wire in hole of sliding block until wire protrudes about ¼” through the bottom of the block.
3. Loop the wire around the hook in a counter-clockwise direction and return wire to hardened block.
4. Clamp the wire in blocks by holding handle down firmly – do NOT allow wire to slip.
5. Turn crank clockwise until you have the twist you desire – either tight or loose.
6. Open blocks, and while holding wire end, continue to turn slowly until the wire coils on loop end. Two or three turns gives an ideal loop.
7. Remove loop and trim excess wire. Now you have a consistent and professional looking loop.
As with any new tool, practice makes perfect. With little experimenting you can make professional appearing loops.

The #1 choice for Piano Technicians. 

Made in United States


Article courtesy Gemm Piano Supply

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