Instant PIN-Tite


Piano Instant PIN-Tite


Tightens in MINUTES, restores pin block permanently, preserves and protects wood, remains dry, tune within hour - 20 minutes in many cases, and also tightens instantly many action parts, cases, benches, and stripped screw holes.



1. Apply slowly to top of tuning pin AS MUCH AS WOOD WILL ABSORB, with a Piano Hypo Oiler, syringe or eye dropper around each tuning pin.   


Avoiding spilling. Most pianos require one application. Place uprights on back or tilt 45 degrees. Start at center treating 15-20 pins, then check back. If PIN-TITE is absorbed, add more until no more penetrates. Avoid fast application to prevent getting on strings, soundboard or action.

2. Tune immediately, or as soon as pitch will hold. 20 minutes to an hour is adequate for most pianos, except when other products have been used. Then more time and PIN-TITE may be needed to neutralize them.

3. Also tightens instantly loose screw holes, action parts and similar joints without regluing or removing.

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