Grand Piano Soundboard Cleaner & Duster



Grand Piano Soundboard Cleaner



Grand Piano Soundboard Cleaner. Designed for Grand Pianos, to remove the dust under the strings from the Soundboard.

To Use Your Soundboard Cleaner/Duster

From the rear of the piano simple slide the duster under the strings removing the dust from the soundboard. Move to the front of the piano and continue from the keyboard side.

On some model pianos the duster will fit between the strings and the plate brace.

You can even use the duster for other hard to reach places.


Grand Piano Soundboard Cleaner & Duster Replacement Cover

Cover is made of plush measures approx. 25” long x 2-1/4” wide


Article courtesy Gemm Piano Supply

When the cover gets dirty you can wash it in your washing machine or simply replace it.

Cover removes easily by unhooking one side of cover at a time and sliding off.

Note: On heavily soiled soundboards it is recommended using 2 plush covers, one for cleaning and one for dusting. This Duster/Cleaner is not made to clean the strings.

Article courtesy Gemm Piano Supply

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