Piano Shop Repair Truck

$ 799.00


Professional Piano Shop Repair Truck.

A simple truck for handling all upright pianos. One person can easily manage to lay the piano on its back. 


Sturdy, all metal construction, can be carried easily in a car or a truck, no trouble getting through narrow doorways and passageways.



Folds very compact and flat in 58-1/2" long x 25-1/2" high x only 9-1/4" side.

Holds up to 1200 Lbs.



Front rollers measures: 

4-1/4"  diameter x 1-1/2" wide



Rear rollers measures:

2" diameter x 7/8" wide

Swivel rear casters to make it possible to swing pianos around in small space. 

Easily set up and LOCKED with two wing nuts...WON'T collapse.  

Opened overall dimensions:  

  • 56" long x 25-1/2" wide.  
  • Weight 53 lbs. 


Qty: 1

Made in United States

The #1 choice for Piano Technicians.


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