Piano Heavy Bass String B48#01

$ 37.00


These strings are great when you need to replace a single bass string of your piano. 

B48 #01:
Hitch to Wrap Lenght: 3-1/2"
Length of wrap: 59-5/8"
Approximate Outer Diameter of wire: .155"

To determine what size you'll need, you can measure the diameter of the wire with a micrometer or caliper. Precise measurements are very important. Due to the sensitivity of handling copper winding, all bass strings are non-returnable. 



  1. Length from Hitch-Pin to start of winding (in inches)
  2. Length of Winding (in inches)
  3. Diameter of Core Wire (in inches)
  4. Diameter of Copper Winding portion of the string (in inches)

Qty: 1 Piano Bass String 

The #1 choice for Piano Technicians.

Made in United States

Instructions for Installing Universal Piano Bass Strings 

Below is the list of the Universal strings that are sold individually:


Replacement Hitch to Wrap Length

 Length  of Wrap       

Approx. Outer Diameter of Wire
B48 #01 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .155"
B48 #02 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .158"
B48 #03 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .165"
B48 #04 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .175"
B48 #05 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .186"
B48 #06 3-1/2" 59-5/8" .194"





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