Piano Brass Rail Repair Clip Kit

$ 37.00

Professional Piano Brass Repair Clip Kit.

Designed to replace or repair of a broken brass rail tongue when half of the groove is intact. 

Historically, our brass repair clips have been used to replace a tongue that is broken at the groove or screw hole. Our new clip does not require a screw and butt plate.

For installation, simply remove the hammer butt assembly; install the repair clip to the existing butt by using the #20 center pin; file the brass rail material down to / or past the screw hole; mix epoxy and apply to the repair clip and insert on to the brass rail. 



  • 12 Repair Clips
  • 12 Center Pins #20 (3/4" long .050" dia.)
  • 1 Hardman convenience packets of fast setting epoxy (Wood stick included).

Overall length approx. 1/2" long x 5/16" wide (Clip).

Qty: 1 Brass Repair Clip Kit

Made in United States

The #1 choice for Piano Technician's.



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