Grand Piano "Sweeper" Soundboard Cleaner & Duster

$ 125.00

Grand Piano Soundboard Cleaner/Duster made of flexible plastic that is covered by a cloth sock (1 included) for cleaning and will not scratch the soundboard.

Designed for Grand Pianos, to remove the dust under the strings from the Soundboard. On some model pianos the duster will fit between the strings and the plate brace.

Long enough to reach under the treble strings.

Overall length is 50” long x 1" wide. 

Synthetic Plastic material


When the cover gets dirty you can wash it in your washing machine or simply replace it.

Cover removes easily by unhooking one side of cover at a time and sliding off.

Note: This Duster/Cleaner is not made to clean the strings.

Qty: 1 Grand Piano Soundboard Cleaner

The #1 choice for Piano Technicians.

Made in United States