German Piano Keytops without Fronts, 50MM Head, White

$ 80.00


50MM HEAD, White 

Easily fitted to most keyboards - can be filed for finishing to exact size.

Extra thickness makes it possible to cover all imperfections in old keys.

Molded from acrylic plastic which is hard, scratch resistant and durable.

White, 50mm (standard) = 1.97" head.

  • Overall length 6-1/8"  
  • Head 1.97" long
  • Head 7/8" wide 
  • Tail 1/2" wide
  • .080 Thick
  • white


1 set of 52 keys 

Commonly installed using PVC-E Glue. We have this glue in stock. 

Instructions for Installing Keytops, Gluing and Trimming

The #1 choice for Piano Technicians. 



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