Technician's Datamaster Case with 2 removable Pallets

$ 275.00


Professional Technician's Case with 2 removable pallets Hold at least 50 Tools

This large case, measuring 18"L x 13"W x 6"H, has been a best seller for years.

Case has a rugged ABS plastic shell with a sturdy heavy gauge aluminum frame.  The handle is padded with a steel core, corners are fiberglass reinforced.  

Plastic containers can be put into the case's bottom for small parts storage.  

Two removable pallets are included that can hold at least 50 tools.  

The top part of the case has a pocket to hold literature and invoice pads.

Weighing 9 lbs. when empty, the case comes in black and can be locked with a key.

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Made in United States

The #1 choice for Piano Technicians.




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