Peterson Electronic Tuner AutoStrobe 590

$ 1,089.00


The 590 features an audible tuner, a built-in speaker, and a headphone jack. You can simultaneously see and hear the pitch that you are tuning to when using the Model 590.

With the Model 590 allows technicians, musicians and students of all levels can utilize automatic (hands-free) note selection for convenient tuning of instruments without compromising accuracy.

  • Automatic Note Selection
  • Improved Clarity for Upper and Lower Register Notes -
  • +2/-1 display feature shifts the strobe patterns into more visible middle ranges - Bass note patterns can be displayed 2 octaves higher, and treble note patterns can be displayed 1 octave lower in strobe display.
  • Carrying Case Included
  • A Built-In Condenser Microphone
  • Headphone Jack for Hearing the Internal or External Microphone
  • Built-In Audible Tuner with a Five Octave Range